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Why being broke is the best start-up strategy there is.

Sean Sherwood, Nickler

Startups are hard, but not because entrepreneurs don’t have an appetite for hard work.  Rather, it’s the constant rejection, the inability to convince people of your glorious vision, and the ever present threat of failure that make pushing forward seem like reckless insanity.  The secret to startup success is in embracing that insanity.

I look back to opening the first restaurant, at a time when I had no money, no network, a few close friends, and a cat named Monty, so named for his awkward resemblance to one Mr. Burns.  He wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but he had the kind of human personality to make you think twice about the possibility of reincarnation.  Opening day of the restaurant, after pulling a complete 30 hour work day to get it open, Monty got hit by a bus.

I got the…

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Anybody can lose one fight

I have a bit of trouble sleeping the whole day. Feeling like something to do , dont know what to do?

I look at the mirror and say i am not a bum, I will work my ass off . I will you will see . But its just a bluff i am trying to convince by broken mind . Out of this desperation i am writing this post . I fell down from glory and i cant get up . I  just cant i dont know how . Still sit think , sleep, dream its hell i tell you that . I dont know what the hell is going out lately .

Once Eddie “scrap Iron ” Durpis said,

Anybody can lose one fight, anybody can lose once, you’ll come back from this you’ll be champion of the world.

              I thought over it , i said maybe i could come back.  When you are knocked down so hard  sometimes its just feels that eating the dust is the best.  Once a child is burnt he dreads fire. Its hard to overlook the feeling . However, the same feeling that got you to the top , percolates within you . Its a real bitch , it will force us to see the paradox in the world and make us shameful. I know i have been experiencing this uneasy feeling. It tells us to do something and all one has an option is fight which is  real hard to choose. I say what can be done all i get is silence within my mind. I ask god what should i do Рi get silence . I guess , we all have a fighter in us Рone that does not quit . he can run away , he can be afraid . He will fail . But he will be back in the ring . Its this resilience that will now bow down,  I cant explain it , nor you or anyone else.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†So okay i need to fight , but i don’t want to be in a losing match. Its better not to fight than to lose is the first thing that could cross your mind . But i say , why does it matter , we fight because we know we can do only these things and whenever there is a fight u are going to get hurt. So ” you didnt know that you are going to get hurt ?” ¬†. yeah i did . Out come of a fight is always nasty, u could die and lose a lot . Become a loser for your whole life, now do you want to be a fighter . The bhagvad gita quotes –
For one who has been honored, dishonor is worse than death
¬†This is fairly reasonable , only one who can win is the one who fights as if the fight is the only thing that he can do. I cannot say that i will back off probably i will make the worst descision ever , nonetheless, i wont be backing off ¬†. Not unless i am dead. okay lord you want me to choose my fight . I am going to choose one …..

The Taste

Today , i had a nightmare while taking an after noon nap . Scared and sweating profusely i sat at the edge of the bed. Thinking about the dream. Petrified  i went to get  some cold water in the fridge . I drank water slowly . stopped for a minute and then my mind started visualizing the dream . Its odd why we start thinking when  we open the fridge . Strangely , it improves thinking i guess.

Anyways , the dream was starting to manifest . It was like watching a movie in which we ourselves were acting  and funny thing is i can see myself. The dream was about the girl Рa fat  and stout girl,  who is cute. Do i know her?

Yes, i knew her the next moment even in my sleep i was able to identify her . It is said that the brain has the right part which is colorful and creative with emotions . The dreams manifest and get created in this section. Whereas the left part stores all the memories , logic and reason associated to the things we learn about. Amazingly , our memory fails in the dreams . This happens because of the right part being the only active part and has nothing to do with memory . Unfortunately, i was still able to remember her !!

She was wearing the white top with the sleeves really short ¬†and buttons kinda big and brown. She was wearing jeans which were like a 3/4th. we could see her cute designer chappals . She had the eyes which had kajal-lined . Her black cum hazel eyes shined because they were big and we could see the pure innocence in them. The hair was till half of her back and were open and she wore a single plait that took the hair from face back. This she was pretty . Her chubby cheeks and broad forehead are something that make you remember her even more. Her round and fair face effectively tells her about her north-east¬†Indian¬†descent. She had the glow on her face saying “happiness “. Well if the time slows down and your mind slows down when you see your crush. Well , same thing happens with me . So here was , staring at me .

I was shocked and sorry. I dont know why, probably because she reminded me of bad memories ? Yeah that was correct. I was shocked . Next moment i knew , i was arguing some boy about backing off on the same girl. Funny things about dreams though you cannot have continuity. They just shoot out randomly and when we wake up we try and make sense out of it . So i was into a heated discussion with this guy. The moment i saw her coming i ran off. Hiding beneath a wall as i saw both of them talking in the corridor.

I saw him telling ” since we are both in the same class…….. we can both make money and spend it…..¬†don’t¬†worry about food…. “. he was proposing her , damn what an idiot. Is this a way to propose? Well ,¬†anyways¬†she said no and walked away. This guy was really¬†frustrated. ¬†He kept calling her and this dude was a big guy , so if the¬†argument¬†was turned to fight he would have beaten me to pulp. Thank god, it¬†didn’t¬†happen . I followed the guy. He was sobbing all the way. (Remember this is a dream and i got no control over the story how and why it is going ahead ). The next moment, i saw him sitting near the door of his house and crying like anything and swearing hard. Well, What in god’s name. He has gone insane. ¬†Somehow he opened the door and went in . I let myself in sneakingly. Inside i went i heard his cries coming from the bedroom . The house was a mansion and had multiple rooms inside . I was trying to make a¬†decision. Go in comfort the guy or go back to my work. Either way i was stuck there in the hall making¬†decisions. In the mean time i found a couple of people going in there and talking with him but to no avail.

Then i woke up and was petrified. I didnt know what to do. I was scared what the girl had did to him. I¬†don’t¬†know the whole story. How could i, it was a dream ? But why me ? I could not care less to think , Why should i be troubled so much for the same. I¬†don’t¬†care for anything. ¬†I could care less if the guy would frigging die . Thoughts as random as these kept on piling in my head for hours . I called it junk i gave names but i could not help that i was giving a thought to all the same.

But why me , It was about me so i had the dream is what i realized. I understood the dream and the dots it was making. i forced myself to remember my horrible past with the girl. I admit i was still hung over the girl. my personal and professional life was on a downhill since then. This was one of many dreams i was having . i always avoided them by keeping my mind in something else. But i finally i confronted them. I was defeated when i did the same before many a times. Because i¬†wasn’t¬†true to myself. I was forcing myself to believe in something which in reality i¬†don’t¬†give a damn. But the truth came forward as now i have nothing now. I am broke, unemployed and have become lazy. The only upside is i have the perfect platform to think. ¬†So, Why me ….?

Now i am able to assimilate the facts . It was not just a random dream. It was a wake up call . It woke me up from sleep . But i need to wake up from my slumber in real life. The dream told me that she was the most that matters , but in fact it was a lie. She can choose and we forget that she can choose happiness for themselves. We need to choose for our happiness. We need to break this imaginary bondage. We need freedom !!

Now i feel  alive. I could care less for the hoax that i called love. Yes , most of you have experienced the same. I am not the only one suffering here. It is now time to realize that things do matter and they matter because you were meant to utilize your resources to be happy. We embrace sadness thinking if i have lost that i do not want anything else .This is our belief. Yes, its tough to break a belief once it has settled in. I know that it is.

Nothing said or done can bring back the happiness is what you say. I say yes , we cannot unless we get to the higher taste we cannot forget this taste. Its true lord has spoken this in the “Bhagvad Gita” . But wait a minute when did he say its not possible to win out of it. We need to fight our way for the higher taste bring the greed inside you. Know the fables and seek this fabled happiness. Yes pursuit itself is more intoxicating than pleasure itself. Its true for love too. Yes a pursuit with a purpose is all that is required to get to it.

Push yourselves, Arise and stop not because we have a goal. Care not because we have something to die for.¬†Disbelieve¬†not ,because we had died for a lower taste so we can die for a greater taste too. This surge of energy has now lasted for days and is getting stronger. I no longer remember the happy times we had as i got something better – a goal, a reason to live for. I don’t know i will get what i yearn for. I am going to give it all. Finally ¬†feels like the pheonix has took the birth out of ashes.